TIDDOX Delicate Task Wipes | 280 pcs | 21cm x 11cm

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Delicate Task Wipes :
Precision cleaning, absorbent, low lint, and biodegradable for gentle, surface-safe care.

Lint free lens cleaning tissues, designed to clean glass surfaces, safety glasses, precision instruments, pipettes, cuvettes, callipers, specimen slides, and other delicate equipment.

Economical alternative to Kimwipes and Kimtech Science Wipes.

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List Price: Per Single Box
Discount Structure: 30+ Boxes | 60+ Boxes | 120+ Boxes
Specifications: 280 Wipes Per Box
Wipe Size: 21cm x 11cm

Key Features and Benefits

Low-Lint: Designed for cleaning delicate glass and metal surfaces.
Lens Cleaning: Used as lens cleaning tissues for coated optical surfaces. Alternative to UVEX cleaning tissues.
Highly Absorbent: Highly absorbent cellulose wipes for spill control, water and oil absorption, and instrument drying.
Static-Sensitive Suitable: Suitable for static-sensitive applications.
Convenient Dispenser Box: Comes in a convenient, portable dispenser box.
Lightweight and Disposable: Lightweight, single-use, disposable tissues for convenience.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Cosmetics | Electronics | Laboratories | Medical | Pharmaceutical

Delicate Surface Wipes

TIDDOX Delicate Task Wipes are precision wipes for cleaning delicate surfaces with care. These thin, single-ply cellulose wipes are specifically designed to clean lenses and other delicate glass and metal surfaces without causing damage.

Made from 100% virgin pulp, these delicate task wipes are incredibly absorbent, allowing you to easily dab up small spills, oil, dirt, and dust from surfaces. Their lightweight design ensures they are gentle on delicate surfaces while still providing effective cleaning power.

Delicate Task Wipes are produced from biodegradable composition. They contain no synthetic materials, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge and making them ideal for static-sensitive surface cleaning. Additionally, these wipes have very low linting attributes, leaving behind a streak-free and smudge-free finish on your delicate surfaces.

With no binders, additives, or impurities, you can trust that these wipes are safe to use on even the most sensitive equipment. Each box contains 280 disposable tissues conveniently stored in a portable dispenser box.

Whether you’re working in a laboratory or other critical environments, the TIDDOX Delicate Task Wipes are perfect for cleaning precision instruments, pipettes, cuvettes, callipers, specimen slides, and other delicate equipment. Experience the difference of these high-quality wipes today.


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21cm x 11cm

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