Lint Free Cloths

TIDDOX Lint Free Cloths are designed for lint-sensitive wiping and delicate cleaning tasks. These cloths offer exceptional performance, without leaving behind any lint or fibres on surfaces after wiping.

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BLUEMAX Jumbo Roll Wipes | 500 pcs | 50cm x 30cm

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Nail Polish Remover Wipes | 200 pcs | 5cm x 5cm

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SKU: 5-5015

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Discover Superior Cleaning with Our Best Lint Free Cloths - The Perfect Solution for Precision Industries!

Lint free cloths are an essential tool in many industries, including electronics, automotive, and optics. These cloths are made to be highly absorbent and non-abrasive, allowing sensitive surfaces to be cleaned safely. Their lint free characteristics ensure that no residual fibres remain, which is especially important in areas where cleanliness and particle-free conditions are critical. Furthermore, lint free cloths are reusable, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Lint free cloths can provide superior results without leaving any undesired debris behind, whether you’re cleaning electrical components, detailing a car to showroom standards, or polishing precise lenses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a lint free cloth?

Lint free cloths are often made of microfiber or cotton that has been carefully treated to prevent the release of lint.

Can lint free cloths be used for tasks other than cleaning, such as applying polishes or removing fingerprints from surfaces?

Certainly, lint free cloths are versatile as they can be used for more purposes beyond cleaning. They are especially useful when applying polishes because they allow for a smooth, streak-free finish that leaves no cloth residue. Furthermore, lint free cloths work well for removing fingerprints from surfaces. The cloth’s soft texture ensures delicate handling, avoiding any potential scratches on the surface while effectively removing oily fingerprints.