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TIDDOX offers a broad selection of cleaning rags for industrial cleaning applications. Because our rags are sourced from quality recycled clothing suppliers, and metal detected, they offer a reliable, absorbent and safe cleaning solution for workshops looking for consistent quality in rags.

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Cleaning rags are essential for industries such as automotive, construction and hospitality. Our selection guarantees a steady supply of high-quality rags, specifically designed for diverse cleaning tasks: cotton rags for low-lint wiping and polishing, T-shirt rags for absorbent duties, sheeting rags for lint-free applications, and fleecy, flannel, and towel rags for thicker, more absorbent needs. For workshops looking for consistent quality in rags, our products offer a reliable, absorbent, and safe cleaning solution. These durable and effective rags are ideal for maintaining cleanliness and efficiency in workshop environments. Additionally, our rags support sustainability by utilising recycled materials and minimising packaging waste, ensuring operational efficiency and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash cleaning rags?

In order to ensure cleaning efficiency is maintained, it is advisable to wash cleaning rags with hot water and detergent. While fabric softener can be used, it is advisable not to, since this can leave a residue, making the cleaning rags less efficient.

Can you wash cleaning rags in the washing machine?

Yes, you can. Though cleaning rags must be washed separately from other fabrics, since rags that are stained with oil could stain other rags. In order to keep your rags in good condition over time, it is advisable to wash cleaning rags thoroughly with a washing cycle in a washing machine at least once per week.