TIDDOX Polyester Wipes


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TIDDOX Polyester Wipes: Versatile, lint free cleaning for diverse industries.

Also available: TIDDOX Polyester Wipes | Sterilized


Selling Format

10cm x 10cm: 600 wipes per pack 
23cm x 23cm: 150 wipes per pack
30cm x 30cm: 150 wipes per pack

Key Features & Benefits

Lint Free Cleaning Wipes: Fibre-sensitive surface care.
Double Knit Weave: Low particle count, laser-cut edges.
Durable: Long-lasting and reliable.
Soft Polyester Fabric: Non-abrasive, surface-friendly.
Lower-Class Cleanrooms: ISO 5 – ISO 8 or Class 100 environment use.
Low Extractable Ions: Ensures purity through deionized water washes.
Industries: Cleanroom | Automotive | Healthcare | Pharmaceutical

Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wipes 

Are you tired of dealing with lint and loose fibres while cleaning sensitive surfaces in cleanroom environments? Look no further than TIDDOX Polyester Wipes. These heavyweight, soft cloths are specifically designed for lint free wiping, making them the ideal choice for critical surface cleaning tasks within cleanrooms.

TIDDOX Polyester Wipes are made from strong, continuous filament polyester double-knitted yarn, ensuring they are guaranteed to be lint free. The edges of the wipes are laser-sealed to prevent any loose fibres from escaping. They are then vacuum-packed in double-sealed bags for ultimate protection.

The white colour of these lint free polyester cleaning wipes is not just aesthetically pleasing; it signifies their suitability for controlled cleaning and critical cleaning tasks in cleanrooms. The double-knit weave and laser-cut edges contribute to their low particle count, ensuring a thorough and precise clean. Additionally, multiple washes in deionized water reduce extractable ions, making these wipes safe to use on delicate surfaces in cleanroom environments.

For added convenience and to maintain the required cleanliness levels, these non-sterile polyester knit wipes come vacuum-packed and double-bagged. However, if you require an extra level of contamination control, sterile triple-bag packaging is also available.

TIDDOX Polyester Wipes provide a lint-free cleaning experience specifically tailored for cleanroom usage. They will leave cleanroom surfaces immaculate with their soft and absorbent fabric, leaving no lint or fibres behind. These wipes are ideal for use in cleanrooms and other critical places where control is essential. When it comes to delicate cleaning duties within cleanroom environments, don’t skimp on quality. TIDDOX Polyester Wipes consistently produce excellent results.


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10cm x 10cm


23cm x 23cm


30cm x 30cm

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