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TIDDOX Wipes Dispensers are designed for easy access and efficient dispensing. From wall-mounted units to portable floor dispensers, our range ensures hassle-free accessibility to your preferred wipes. Organise and streamline your workspace with our wide range of wipes dispenser solutions.

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Bulk Orders for Commercial and Wholesale Industrial Wipes

For industries requiring efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions, bulk orders of industrial wipes are essential. Wholesale purchases cater to various sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality wipes tailored to specific needs.

Our range includes blue paper rolls for general cleaning, industrial paper towels for heavy-duty tasks, jumbo wipes towel rolls for extensive coverage, and wipes on a roll for convenience. These products offer superior absorbency and durability, making them ideal for tackling tough cleaning jobs. Bulk buying not only ensures availability but also promotes cost savings and reduces packaging waste.

Explore our Blue Paper Rolls, Jumbo Wipes Towel Roll, and Industrial Paper Towels, categories to find the perfect options for your commercial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using industrial paper towels for cleaning?

Industrial paper towels are designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, offering superior absorbency and strength. They can handle large spills, grease, and grime, making them ideal for industrial environments. Additionally, they are disposable, which helps maintain hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. For more details, visit our Industrial Paper Towels page.

Why should I choose jumbo wipes towel rolls for my business?

Jumbo wipes towel rolls provide extensive coverage and are highly absorbent, making them perfect for large-scale cleaning tasks. They are convenient for high-traffic areas and can be easily dispensed from a roll, ensuring a continuous supply of wipes. This reduces the frequency of replacements and enhances operational efficiency. Learn more about our Jumbo Wipes Towel Roll for comprehensive cleaning solutions.