Lint Free Wipes, Cloths and Rags

TIDDOX offers a comprehensive selection of lint free wipes, cloths, and rags that are lint free and ultra low linting. Lint free wipes are ideal for delicate wiping tasks and critical cleaning applications in lint-sensitive environments where it’s important that there are no residual lint fibres after wiping.

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BLUEMAX Jumbo Roll Wipes | 500 pcs | 50cm x 30cm

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Nail Polish Remover Wipes | 200 pcs | 5cm x 5cm

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SKU: 5-5015

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What is Lint Free or Low Lint?

Lint free products include cloths, rags, and wipes. They are in high demand in a variety of sectors and applications that require cleanliness and precision. Lint is defined as tiny fibres or particles that can readily get airborne and settle on surfaces, causing contamination and damage. However, with lint free materials and products, these concerns are eliminated. Lint free wipes, for example, are commonly used in cleanrooms, laboratories, and electronics manufacturing to maintain a completely clean and particle-free environment. These products are designed to properly catch, trap and remove lint particles while protecting sensitive equipment and processes. Whether it's for cleaning delicate optics, performing medical procedures, or manufacturing microchips, lint free products are essential for receiving the best outcomes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric is lint free?

Lint is a type of fibre that becomes detached from fabric. Due to the relatively short length of cotton fibres, it is not uncommon for them to separate from the fabric during use and washing. In contrast, microfibre does not produce lint unless the fabric is damaged and the fibres are disrupted. Therefore, microfibre is an ideal choice for any cleaning need without leaving any lint behind. 

What are examples of lint free?

One main example of a lint free cloth is microfibre cloths, which are made of ultra-fine fibres that can effectively trap dust and debris without leaving any lint behind. 

Is cotton lint free?

Cotton is not completely lint free, although it is known for being a low lint fabric. Lint refers to the small fibres that detach from the fabric during wear and washing. While cotton fibres are generally tightly woven, there will still be some lint present, especially in the early stages of wear. However, compared to other fabrics like wool or synthetic materials, cotton is relatively lint free.