Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser | Wall Mounted | 36cm x 26cm x 7.4cm 


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Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser: Wall-mounted, lockable, compatible with TIDDOX hand towels for controlled dispensing.

Slimline Multifold Hand Towels (Virgin)SKU: 9-3-6302

Slimline Multifold Hand Towels (Recycled)SKU: 9-3-6622

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Dimensions: 36cm x 26cm x 7.4cm

Key Features and Benefits

Compatibility: Fits both the Virgin Multifold Hand Towel and the Recycled Multifold Hand Towels.
Lockable Design: Lockable plastic dispenser for security.
Installation: Convenient wall-mounted dispenser
Versatile Use: Ideal for busy washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser

The TIDDOX Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser is the perfect addition to any washroom or bathroom. This wall-mounted dispenser is designed to provide controlled dispensing of hand towels, ensuring efficiency and cleanliness in high-traffic areas.

This slimline dispenser features a lockable design, offering added security for your hand towel supply. Say goodbye to messy and unruly paper towels with this convenient solution.

The TIDDOX Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser is compatible with a range of hand towel options, including Slimline Multifold Hand Towels, Recycled Slimline Hand Towels, Slim Paper Towels, and Ultraslim Hand Towels. This versatility allows you to choose the option that best suits your needs and preferences.

Measuring 36cm x 26cm x 7.4cm, this dispenser is compact yet spacious enough to hold an ample supply of hand towels, making it ideal for busy washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with any decor while maximising space utilisation.

With its easy-to-install wall mounting feature, the TIDDOX Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser offers hassle-free setup and ensures that your towels are always within reach. Simply mount it on any suitable surface and enjoy the convenience it brings.

Choose the TIDDOX Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser today and experience a more organised and efficient way of maintaining cleanliness in your space. Order now and improve your hand towel dispensing system.


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32 cm x 26 cm x 7.4 cm

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