Coloured T-Shirt Oil Absorbent Rags | 10kg | 15kg


Type Description
T-Shirt Rags Thick, absorbent, white/coloured
Towel Rags Thick, absorbent, white/coloured
Flannel Rags Thick, absorbent, coloured
Fleecy Rags Thick, absorbent, coloured
Cotton Rags Polishing, low lint, white/coloured
Sheeting Rags Polishing, low lint, white
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Coloured T-Shirt Rags: Tough, absorbent, eco-friendly solution for industrial cleaning in various industries.

Selling Format

List Price: 10Kg, 15Kg Bag
Discount Structure: Discounted Pallet Pricing Available [contact us]
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Bags
Free Metro Delivery: Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Perth [Contact Us for Deliveries to Other Metro and Regional Areas]

Key Features and Benefits

Absorbent and Soft Material: Absorbent and soft material suitable for drying surfaces.
Safety Assured with Metal Detection: Safe to use as metal detected for added safety.
Environmentally Friendly: Cut from discarded used clothing and saved from landfill.
Low Linting: Low-linting to minimise residue.
Convenient Size and Storage: Convenient-sized bags for easy transport and storage.
Industries: Automotive | Aviation | Engineering | Industrial | Manufacturing | Marine | Mining | Painting | Printing | Transportation

Highly Absorbent Coloured T-Shirt Rags

The TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags are designed to tackle the toughest industrial, automotive, and commercial cleaning jobs with ease. Made from soft and absorbent recycled materials, these rags excel at mopping up oils and spills, leaving surfaces clean and dry. Their unique composition allows them to absorb solvents effectively while also revealing dirt, ink, and oils that may have been missed.

The TIDDOX Coloured Tshirt Rags are scanned through a metal detector to ensure utmost safety. Any harmful metal objects, such as pins, zips, or buttons, are removed, making these rags safe to use without the risk of scratching or damaging surfaces. This feature makes them particularly popular among car care and automotive industry professionals who rely on soft cotton rags for washing, drying, and polishing vehicles and boats.

Not only are these rags highly functional and safe, but they are also environmentally friendly. By recycling discarded clothing into top-quality cleaning rags, TIDDOX reduces waste and provides a sustainable solution for businesses. 

Experience the heightened softness and superior absorbency of these recycled coloured t-shirts compared to new fabrics. The quality of fabric plays a crucial role in enhancing absorbency, with better-quality fabrics delivering even greater results. Notably, the absorbency of the rags is influenced by the polyester-cotton ratio—higher cotton content translates to increased absorbency. Choose our recycled coloured tshirts for a combination of comfort and exceptional absorbent performance.

Furthermore, these convenient-sized bags of rags are easy to transport and store, making them a cost-effective and economical choice for all your cleaning needs. The TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags are a reliable and efficient cleaning solution that combines superior performance with environmental responsibility.


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10 kg


38 × 36 × 18 cm




15kg , 10kg

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