Oil Absorbing Wipes | Blue | 250 pcs per box | 43cm x 35cm


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Oil Absorbing Wipes: Industrial-grade polypropylene for efficient cleaning, absorbs oils and grease from machinery and surfaces. 

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Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Box
Discount Structure: 4+ Boxes | 20+ Boxes | 40+ Boxes
Specifications: 250 Wipes per Box
Wipe Size: 43cm x 35cm

Key Features and Benefits

High-Grade Absorption: Effectively absorbs oils, solvents, and lubricants.
Heavy Duty: Durable, strong polypropylene wipes with superior absorption capability.
Minimal Lint Design: Engineered for lint-sensitive and delicate cleaning applications.
Gentle Texture: Soft wipes designed to prevent scratching surfaces during use.
Comparable to Kimtech: A reliable alternative to Kimtech 4155 EPIC blue wipes.
Industries: Aviation | Automotive | Hospitality | Pharmaceutical | Industrial

Heavy Duty Oil Absorbent Wipes 

The TIDDOX Oil Absorbing Wipes is the best option for industries that require efficient and cost-effective cleaning. These heavy duty polypropylene wipes come in a box of 250 and are made to clean up even the most stubborn oil, grease, and chemical spills.

Printers, painters, spray booths, and powder coaters have all embraced the superior performance of these oil absorbing wipes. These wipes provide more productivity and less waste than standard rags, which makes them an excellent option for companies trying to cut expenses.

For easy removal of oil and grease from metal surfaces, automotive workshops rely on them, and the manufacturing, mining, and engineering sectors utilise them for equipment cleaning and maintenance. They are also essential for absorbing paint and solvents for panel beaters, painters, and powder coating companies.

Pharmaceutical and medical facilities trust these wipes to maintain clean and hygienic surfaces as they easily wipe down areas and absorb spills. These wipes work wonders for food production and hospitality situations, removing grease and cooking oil while leaving surfaces spotless.

These heavyweight polypropylene wipes never let you down because of their exceptional strength and absorption capacity. They are made to readily absorb solvents, oils, and grime. Additionally, their ultra-low lint substance ensures that any undesired lint residue is removed from delicate cleaning applications.

Make the switch to these professional-grade wipes and experience the difference in performance and cost-savings. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to greater productivity. Upgrade to the TIDDOX Oil Absorbing Wipes today – the reliable choice for effective oil absorption.


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