Cotton Cellulose Wipes | 100 pcs | 25cm x 25cm


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Cellulose Cotton Wipes: Environmentally friendly, lint free, and gentle, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Pack
Discount Structure: 30+ Single Packs | 90+ Single Packs | 120+ Single Packs
Specifications: 100 Wipes Per Pack | 30 Packs Per Carton
Wipe Size: 25cm x 25cm

Key Features and Benefits

Highly Absorbent: Highly absorbent cotton wipes for effective cleaning.
Versatile Cleaning: Ideal for cleaning benches, trolleys, surfaces, and lab instruments.
Non-Abrasive and Biodegradable: Gentle and environmentally friendly wipes with low lint.
Continuous Filament Construction: Ensures low-fibre generation, maintaining cleanliness.
Compatibility with Solvents & Chemicals: Suitable for various solvents and chemicals.
Heat-Resistant and Anti-Static: Resistant to heat and exhibits anti-static properties.
Industries: Aviation | Cosmetics | Electronics | Laboratories | Healthcare | Hospitals | Manufacturing | Medical | Pharmaceutical

Highly Absorbent Cellulose Cotton Wipes

TIDDOX Cotton Cellulose Wipes, tailored for cleanroom-specific usage, are environmentally friendly wipes designed to provide a lint-free and gentle cleaning experience, making them perfect for delicate or sensitive surfaces within controlled environments.

Made from 100% cellulose, these wipes are not only incredibly absorbent but also incredibly soft to the touch. The wide apertures in their construction allow for effective pick up of contaminants on surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean every time in cleanroom environments.

These wipes boast high purity levels. With no impure additives or binders, there is minimal chance of lint being left behind, leaving your surfaces clean and pristine.

When it comes to germ control within cleanrooms, these wipes are the ideal companion for alcohol disinfectants. Their low lint properties ensure that the effectiveness of the disinfectant is not compromised, providing you with peace of mind in maintaining a hygienic environment.

Whether you’re working in cleanrooms or require low-lint wiping tasks, these Cotton Cellulose Wipes are the perfect choice. They are non-abrasive, tear-resistant, and leave no lint residue when exposed to cleaning fluids.

Experience the cost-effective cleaning power of TIDDOX Cotton Cellulose Wipes today. With their reputation for quality and exceptional service, you can trust in the reliability and proficiency of these wipes for all your cleaning needs within cleanrooms.


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