Polypropylene Cellulose Wipes | 130 pcs | 42cm x 23cm


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Cellulose Wipes: Highly absorbent and solvent resistance for superior performance in demanding environments.

Selling Format

List Price Packaging: Per Single Box
Discount Structure: 10+ Boxes | 50+ Boxes | 100+ Boxes
Specifications: 130 Wipes per Box | 10 Boxes Per Carton
Wipe Size: 42cm x 23cm

Key Features and Benefits

High Absorbency: Soaks up grease, fats, oils, solvents, chemicals, and lubricants effectively.
Screen-Safe: Ideal for cleaning screens, glass, and metal surfaces.
Chemical Compatibility: Works well with various cleaning chemicals, including solvents and screenwash.
Durable Tear Resistance: Stands up to tearing for long-lasting use.
Portable: Easy to carry for on-the-go use.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Education | Healthcare | Laboratories | Medical | Pharmaceutical | Research

Polypropylene Cellulose Cleanroom Wipes 

Specially designed for use in cleanroom environments, the TIDDOX Polypropylene Cellulose Wipes contains multifunctional white wipes that excel in super absorbency, additional strength, and solvent resistance. With 130 pull-out parts that measure 42 cm by 23 cm each, each box offers an advanced cleanroom maintenance solution.

These wipes are adaptable and suitable for a wide range of uses and duties. Their lint free nature ensures that you won’t have to worry about loose fibres and achieves a complete and effective clean. These wipes have an industrial tear strength that keeps them intact, which makes them ideal for usage with lubricants, oils, solvents, and cleaning agents. Regardless of the spill or mess, these wipes exhibit a high absorbency capacity that surpasses their weight.

Apart from their outstanding efficacy, these wipes are made to be disposed of after use, meeting the strictest hygiene regulations needed in healthcare and cleanroom environments. They are the go-to option in a variety of industries because of their exceptional absorbency, increased strength, and solvent resistance.

The versatility of these wipes renders them indispensable in a multitude of businesses. Whether you operate in the industrial, healthcare, medical, hospitality, aerospace, engineering, printing, or painting industry – the TIDDOX Polypropylene Cellulose Wipes has the power to completely transform your cleanroom cleaning process.


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42cm x 23cm

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