White Cotton Gloves | 12 pairs | 24 pcs


Quantity Discount Price (excl. GST)
10-19 5% $14.25
20-29 10% $13.50
30+ 15% $12.75
Quantity Discount Price (excl. GST)
10-19 5% $14.25
20-29 10% $13.50
30+ 15% $12.75
SKU: 9-2-342CLL

TIDDOX White Cotton Gloves: Trusted for delicate handling, they safeguard artwork, electronics, and more impeccably.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Pack of 12 Pairs of Cotton Gloves
Discount Structure: 10+ Packs | 20+ Packs | 30+ Packs
Specifications: White | 12 Pairs Per Pack | 24 White Cotton Gloves
Sizes: Medium [Ladies] | Large [Men]

Key Features and Benefits

Ideal for Sensitive Cleaning: Ideal for sensitive cleaning tasks, such as polishing, handling artwork, and cleaning cabinets.
100% Cotton: 100% cotton gloves with hemmed cuffs.
Lint-Free: Soft, lint-free material for delicate handling.
Fingerprint-Free Cleaning: Leave your surfaces fingerprint-free with these gloves.
High Dexterity: Offers a high level of dexterity for precise tasks.
Industries: Automotive | Cleanrooms | Commercial Cleaning | Electronic | Glass | Jewelry | Laboratories | Light Manufacturing | Medical | Painting | Printing

Lint Free Cotton Gloves

The TIDDOX White Cotton Gloves are ideal when it comes to handling delicate and fragile items. These lint-free gloves are trusted by experts in various industries for their exceptional quality and practicality.

These truly are multipurpose gloves, that are used in an array of different applications. With TIDDOX White Cotton Gloves, you can handle artwork, electronics, jewelry, laboratory equipment, and more without worrying about leaving fingerprints, dirt, or smears. Artists rely on these gloves to keep their canvases pristine, while cleaners appreciate their ability to leave glass surfaces spotless. Medical device companies and assembly workers also benefit from the reliable protection these gloves provide. Electric vehicle businesses use them as an inner protective gloves when wearing electrical safety insulation gloves. And the applications go on and on.

Crafted from soft cotton material, these gloves offer a gentle touch that won’t scratch or damage sensitive surfaces. Say goodbye to annoying lint residue as well, because these gloves are designed to be completely lint-free. Plus, the breathable fabric ensures optimal comfort compared to alternatives like vinyl or nitrile gloves.

Invest in the reliability and effectiveness of TIDDOX White Cotton Gloves today and experience superior protection for your fragile handling tasks.


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