Polypropylene Cellulose Roll | Carton of 4 | 22.5cm x 38cm


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Polypropylene Cellulose Rolls: Commercial-grade, lint free for superior absorbency in various cleaning applications.

Selling Format

List Price Packaging: 1 Carton [4 Rolls]
Discount Structure: 5+ Cartons | 10+ Cartons | 20+ Cartons
Specifications: 220 Wipes per Roll
Wipe Size: 22.5cm x 38cm

Key Features and Benefits

Low Linting: Minimal lint for surface preservation.
Scratch-Free: Gentle on surfaces, prevents scratching.
Highly Absorbent: Efficient liquid absorption.
Solvent Resistant: Tough against solvents for versatile use.
Tough Scrubbing: Suitable for challenging scrubbing tasks.
Chemical Compatibility: Works well with various chemicals.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Healthcare | Laboratories | Medical | Pharmaceutical

Polypropylene Cellulose Cleanroom Wiper Rolls

The TIDDOX Polypropylene Cellulose Roll is a powerhouse solution specifically designed for cleanroom environments, catering to businesses that demand strength, durability, and exceptional absorbency in their wipes. Each roll contains 220 commercial-grade wipes, presenting a reliable companion ready to tackle the unique cleaning challenges within cleanroom settings.

The major feature that earns these wipes recognition is their extraordinary toughness, which is achieved through the use of a polypropylene blend that exhibits strength, durability, and tear resistance. Necessitating perforation for easy tearing, these wipes are engineered to maintain their structural integrity even in the demanding conditions of cleanrooms.

Beyond their strength, these wipes boast impressive absorbency, thanks to their high concentrations of wood pulp. Whether dealing with water, oils, or solvents within a cleanroom setting, these wipes efficiently absorb without compromising the stringent cleanliness standards.

What sets the TIDDOX Polypropylene Cellulose Roll apart is its smooth and non-abrasive texture, making it ideal for surface preparation tasks within cleanrooms. These wipes leave no lint or fluff behind after cleaning, ensuring a pristine finish without pesky residues that could compromise the controlled environment. 

Its tailored versatility and reliability make it an indispensable tool for tackling spills, wiping down surfaces, and maintaining the strict cleanliness standards of cleanroom environments.


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22.5cm x 38cm

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