Anti Static Wipes | 150 pcs | 23cm x 23cm


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Anti Static Wipes: These antistatic wipes prevent Electro Static Discharges, ensuring safe and scratch-free cleaning with ESD control.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Pack of 150 Wipes
Discount Structure: 10+ Packs | 20+ Packs | 30+ Packs
Specifications: 150 Wipes Per Pack | 10 Packs Per Carton
Wipe size: 23cm x 23cm

Key Features and Benefits

Lint-Free Anti-Static Wipes: Designed to prevent static electricity buildup.
ESD Control: Ideal for cleaning and controlling Electro Static Discharge (ESD) on static-sensitive surfaces.
Carbon Conductive Yarns: Made with dark lines of static dissipative carbon conducting yarns.
Tightly Knitted Fibres: Tightly knitted fibres and sealed edges reduce lint residue.
Cleanroom Processed: Washed multiple times to reduce particles, ions, and extractives.
Highly Absorbent: Very absorbent for effective cleaning.
Industries: Aviation | Electronic | Imaging | Industrial | Manufacturing | Medical | Microelectronics | Optical | Pharmaceutical |  Semiconductor | Scientific

ESD Anti Static Wipes

Meet the TIDDOX Anti Static Wipes, your premier choice for effective cleaning in static-sensitive environments. These wipes are designed to counteract the accumulation of static charges, rendering them perfect for cleaning electronic components and other surfaces susceptible to static electricity.

With their carbon conductive yarns, these antistatic wipes effectively reduce the risk of electrostatic discharges. The dark lines on either side of these ESD wipes are static dissipative carbon conducting yarns. They provide superior ESD control, ensuring a safe and efficient cleaning process.

Not only do these wipes prevent or inhibit the buildup of static electricity, but they also offer unparalleled protection for delicate surfaces. Their soft texture provides a scratch-free cleaning experience, giving you peace of mind when working with computers, circuit boards, plasma and LCD screens, monitors, lenses, process tools, and precision instruments. Ideal for cleaning static surfaces, such as vinyl.

The tightly knitted fibres and laser-sealed edges ensure a clean and pristine surface without any loose fabric threads. This makes them an excellent choice for use in cleanrooms, as they have been carefully processed to be free from any lint or contaminants.

Each pack contains 150 high-quality wipes, measuring 23cm x 23cm. These durable wipes are designed to withstand rigorous cleaning tasks while maintaining their effectiveness. Stock up on the TIDDOX Anti Static Wipes today and experience a new level of cleanliness and protection for your electronic devices and sensitive surfaces.


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