Polycellulose Wipes Roll | 90 pcs | 50cm x 30cm


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Polyester Cellulose Wipes Roll: Ultra-low lint, liquid-absorbent, and meets cleanroom standards with ease.

Wall Dispensers Available:  SKU: 2-99915

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Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Roll
Discount Structure: 6+ Rolls | 30+ Rolls | 60+ Rolls
Specifications: 90 pcs | 45m Roll
Wipe Size: 50cm x 30cm

Key Features and Benefits

Low-Lint: Ultra low-lint for diverse cleaning tasks.
High Absorbency: Highly absorbent for liquids and spills, including chemicals.
Scratch Prevention: Smooth texture prevents scratches on surfaces.
Versatile: Effective on glass, metal, stone, and equipment.
Solvent and Tear Resistant: Strong and resistant to alcohol, chemicals, and spirits.
Multi-Tasking: Ideal for surface prep, polishing, cleaning, and drying.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Life Sciences | Medical | Pharmaceutical

Cleanroom Polyester Wiper Roll

The TIDDOX Polycellulose Wipes Roll is a polyester cellulose wipes designed to deliver exceptional performance in cleanroom environments across a variety of industries. 

With their ultra low-lint properties, these wipes are ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount, specifically tailored for cleanroom usage. They absorb liquids and spills effortlessly, including solvents and chemicals, ensuring a pristine and hygienic work area within the controlled environment of a cleanroom.

Not only do these wipes excel in absorbing liquids, but they also feature a smooth surface texture that prevents scratches on delicate surfaces. This makes them perfect for cleaning glass and metal surfaces within the strict cleanliness standards of cleanrooms.

This makes them perfect for cleaning glass, metal, and stone surfaces within the strict cleanliness standards of cleanrooms, without leaving any marks or blemishes behind. You can confidently use them with alcohol, chemicals, and spirits without worrying about them falling apart. Their tear-resistant design ensures durability even when wet, providing you with a reliable tool that won’t let you down.

Each roll contains 90 perforated sheets on a generous 45-metre roll. This cost-effective and practical solution ensures that you will always have an ample supply of wipes at your disposal. For added convenience in cleanroom settings, wall dispensers are available for easy access and organisation.

When it comes to general-purpose cleaning within the controlled environment of a cleanroom, trust the dependability and proficiency of TIDDOX Polycellulose Wipes Roll. Experience the difference they can make in your daily cleaning routine and discover why they are the preferred choice for professionals across various industries.


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