Anti-Fog Lens Wipes | 100 pcs | 15cm x 12.5cm


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TIDDOX Anti-Fog Lens Wipes: Convenient, anti-static solution for clear and protected lenses.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Box of 100 Sachets
Discount Structure: 3+ Boxes | 5+ Boxes | 10+ Boxes
Specifications: 1 Wipe Per Sachet | 100 Sachets Per Box
Wipe Size: 15cm x 12.5cm

Key Features and Benefits

Anti-Fog Coating: Pre-moistened wipes with anti-fog coating for lenses.
Versatile: Cleans and protects lenses at work, on the field, or at home.
Suitable for All Lens Types: Applicable to plastic, glass, and mirror-coated lenses.
Ideal for PPE Equipment: Perfect for cleaning safety goggles, and respirators.
Anti-Static Feature: Repels dust with an anti-static feature.
Alcohol-Free Formula: Does not contain alcohol, preventing stains or damage.
Convenient Box Packaging: 100 sachets per box for easy storage and access.

Anti Fog Lens Wipes

TIDDOX Anti-Fog Lens Wipes is your convenient solution to combat annoyingly fogged up safety glasses. Say goodbye to streaks and smudges caused by ineffective cleaning methods. These convenient, pre-moistened wipes come in easy-to-tear sachets, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Not only do these wipes provide an anti-fogging coating for your lens, but they also effectively clean and protect it. With their anti-static feature, they repel dust, keeping your lenses crystal clear for longer periods.

Perfect for various scenarios, whether you’re on the sports field, battling fires, or wearing safety goggles in a factory setting, these wipes are your go-to solution for foggy lenses. They are particularly favoured by firefighters and those using cleaning respirators. But it doesn’t stop there; these versatile wipes can be used on any glass surface, including the screens of your iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer.

Each box contains 100 individually wrapped wet wipes, allowing you to distribute them conveniently throughout your workplace or amongst staff members. Rest assured that these alcohol-free wipes are gentle on surfaces and won’t cause any damage or staining.

Simplify your life and keep your vision clear with TIDDOX Anti-Fog Lens Wipes. Experience the difference for yourself and never let fog obstruct your view again.


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