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Antibacterial Surface Wipes | 24 Packs x 80 pcs | 20cm x 15cm


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Antibacterial Surface Wipes: With a potent 75% ethanol solution, these disposable wipes effectively eliminate 99.9% of germs.

Selling Format

List Price: Carton of 24 Packs
Discount Structure: 3+ Cartons | 5+ Cartons | 10+ Cartons
Specifications: 80 Wipes Per Pack | 24 Packs Per Carton | 1920 Wipes Per Carton
Wipe Size: 20cm x 15cm

Key Features and Benefits

Alcohol-Based Antibacterial Wipes: Formulated to kill 99.9% of germs.
Multipurpose: Multipurpose wipes for sanitary protection and hygienic surface cleaning.
75% Ethanol Content: Pre-moistened with a solution containing 75% ethanol.
Fragrance-Free Formula: Formulated without added fragrances for a neutral odour.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Commercial | Education | Gyms | Healthcare | Hospitality | Industrial | Medical | Offices

Hygiene Wet Wipes 

TIDDOX Antibacterial Surface Wipes are alcohol based antibacterial wet wipes. In today’s world, the importance of sanitising surfaces cannot be overstated. Germs lurk everywhere, from hospitals to gyms, schools to restaurants. That’s why it’s crucial to combat them with these effective wet wipes. They not only kill germs but also slow down their growth, ensuring a safer environment.

What makes these wet wipes so effective? It’s their powerful disinfectant formula. These little towelettes are infused with a 75% ethanol solution, which eliminates 99.9% of germs upon contact. Whether you need to sanitise your skin or surfaces, these wipes have got you covered.

But the benefits don’t stop there. These alcohol based wet wipes are not only safe and gentle on the skin but also versatile in their applications. Nurses can rely on them for patient care, while restaurants, cafes, and bars find them handy for wiping down sticky counters and tables. Offices appreciate their effectiveness in surface cleaning tasks, and gyms and health clubs swear by their convenience. Even schools and childcare centres rely on these disposable wipes for cost-effective hygiene solutions.

The TIDDOX Antibacterial Surface Wipes offers a convenient and disposable solution that guarantees cleanliness wherever you go. Stay protected, stay healthy!


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20cm x 15cm

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