Cleanroom Polyester Wipes | 2 Ply


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Polyester Cleanroom Wipes: Superior absorbency, gentle on surfaces, ideal for heavy-duty tasks with optimal cleanliness.

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List Price: Per Single Pack
Discount Structure: 5+ Packs | 15+ Packs | 25+ Packs
Specifications: 2ply | Non-Sterile | 100 pcs
Wipe Size: 30cm x 30cm

Key Features and Benefits

Material: Two layers of soft, non-abrasive fabric.
Highly Absorbent: Superior absorbency and heavyweight strength.
Lint Free: Lint free and laser-cut sealed edges.
Chemical Resistant: High chemical and solvent resistance.
Industries: Automotive | Cleanrooms | Pharmaceutical | Food Processing | Medical

Lint Free Polyester Wipes

The Cleanroom Polyester Wipes are 2-ply polyester wipes that go above and beyond, featuring a distinctive double-layered structure for superior absorbency and durability.

Why settle for single-layered wipes when you can have the superior cleaning power of two layers? The quilted design of these wipes creates tiny pockets that trap dirt particles effectively, ensuring a thorough clean every time. Plus, the extra layer makes these wipes incredibly soft, so you can confidently use them on even the most sensitive surfaces without worrying about scratches.

The standout feature of these wipes lies in their exceptional absorbent capabilities. Made from high-quality polyester fabric, they can easily soak up large amounts of liquid, making them perfect for spills or applying cleaning solvents and disinfectants to surfaces. Their heavy weight strength and high chemical resistance make them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in various industries, such as compounding pharma, food processing, or cleaning surgical instruments.

Not only are these wipes incredibly effective, but they also prioritise cleanliness. They undergo multiple washes to remove impurities, resulting in reduced levels of loose ions and particles. Additionally, they are vacuum packed and double bagged in a cleanroom environment, ensuring that you receive a pristine product every time.


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