Lens Cleaning Wipes | 100 pcs | 15cm x 12.5cm


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TIDDOX Lens Cleaning Wipes: Alcohol-free and individually packed for convenience, ensuring spotless and protected lenses.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Box of 100 Sachets
Discount Structure: 3+ Boxes | 5+ Boxes | 10+ Boxes
Specifications: 1 Wipe Per Sachet | 100 Sachets Per Box
Wipe Size: 15cm x 12.5cm

Key Features and Benefits

Specialised Lens Cleaning: Designed for thorough lens cleaning.
Pre-Moistened: Use pre-moistened wipes for effective lens cleaning and protection.
Anti-Static: Anti-static properties to repel dust from lens surfaces.
Versatile: Ideal for cleaning both plastic safety glasses and glass lenses.
Multipurpose: Soft, wet, antibacterial wipes suitable for iPhones, computer screens, tablets etc.
Alcohol-Free: Alcohol-free to ensure no damage or staining of surfaces.
Individually Packed Sachets: Convenient individual sachets for easy use and storage.

Alcohol Free Lens Wipes

The TIDDOX Lens Cleaning Wipes offers an unrivalled remedy for pristine lenses and screens. Bid farewell to bothersome smudges and streaks with these alcohol-free lens wipes, conveniently packed in 100 sachets per box, ensuring you’re always equipped with a reliable lens-cleaning solution.

Specifically designed for cleaning lenses, these pre-moistened wipes not only remove dirt and grime, but they also protect your precious lenses by repelling dust. Whether you wear plastic safety glasses or have glass lenses on your favourite pair of sunglasses, these wipes are perfect for all types of lenses. But it doesn’t stop there – these versatile wipes are also great for cleaning other glass surfaces like iPhones, iPads, and computer monitors.

Unlike other wipes on the market, these lens-cleaning wipes are completely alcohol-free. This means you can confidently clean your delicate surfaces without worrying about staining or damage. Each individually packed sachet ensures that the wipes stay fresh and ready to use whenever and wherever you need them. Keep a few in your car, jacket pocket, desk drawer – scatter them around so you’re always prepared.

Don’t let smudged screens or blurry vision hinder your day. Experience the difference with TIDDOX Lens Cleaning Wipes.


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