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Lint Free Cleaning Wipes: Soft, non-abrasive, lint free cleaning wipes available in various sizes. 

Selling Format

10cm x 10cm: 600 wipes per pack 
23cm x 23cm: 150 wipes per pack
30cm x 30cm: 150 wipes per pack

Key Features and Benefits

Surface Preparation: Effective in cleaning metal, glass and carbon fibre surfaces.
Printhead Cleaning: Used for cleaning printheads, printer plates and removing build-up of ink on printheads, nozzles and cylinders.
Medical Equipment:
Used by ISO-grade medical filling and labelling facilities for wiping down equipment.
Chemical Compatibility: Works well with solvents.
Non-Linting: Ideal for cleaning lint-sensitive surfaces such as print heads, engines, ball bearings, pipes, medical devices, glass etc.
Scratch-Sensitive Surfaces: Used in manufacturing processes to clean machines, as well as in laboratories.
Heavyweight Absorbency: Strong and highly absorbent material.
Contamination Free:
Hygienic, washed and packed in Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanrooms.
Industries: Automotive | Industrial | Laboratories | Manufacturing | Medical | Pharmaceutical | Printing | Welding

Lint Free Cleaning Wipes 

Are you tired of using cleaning wipes that leave behind annoying lint and fluff? Look no further than POLYSOFT Lint Free Cleaning Wipes. These soft, non-abrasive cloths are specifically designed for delicate cleaning tasks where a lint free cloth is essential.

Used across a variety of industries, from automotive to medical and pharmaceutical critical environments, to clean contamination-sensitive devices and surfaces. Their soft, non-abrasive lint free material makes them ideally suited to cleaning delicate and scratch-sensitive metal, glass and carbon fibre surfaces. 

The printing industry uses these lint free wipes, together with the TIDDOX foam swabs, to clean print heads, printer plates, nozzles, imaging cylinders, plates, rollers and scanner drums. Ideal for cleaning sensitive printer equipment and printer maintenance on large format printers and multi-format printers, including UV printers, solvent printers, offset, lithographic and flexi printers and optical media printers.

In addition, these lint-free cloths are used to wipe down contamination sensitive medical equipment, as well as lint sensitive glass, metal and carbon surfaces.

Other applications include cleaning engines, ball bearings as well as the ends of metal pipes prior to welding [also removes static]. 

These POLYSOFT Lint Free Cleaning Wipes are compatible with a wide range of cleaning solvents and chemicals. So, you can trust them to effectively clean without any concerns about damaging the material or leaving behind unwanted residue.

POLYSOFT Wipes are heavyweight and absorbent, made of a strong material with excellent tensile and tear strength. This means that they not only provide a thorough clean, but they are also quite durable.

When it comes to construction and quality control, no chances are taken. The manufacturing process involves using a continuous, tightly double-knitted yarn to minimise lint. The polyester fabric ensures high tensile strength while preventing any breakage. The edges of each cloth are laser-sealed to prevent loose fibres from escaping. They are also washed in deionised water and vacuum packed in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Choose POLYSOFT Lint Free Cleaning Wipes for a clean, soft, and lint free experience.


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1 kg


21 × 22 × 6 cm




10cm x 10cm , 23cm x 23cm , 30cm x 30cm

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