Rhino Wipes | Dispenser Box | 130 pcs | 42cm x 23cm


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Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box: Multipurpose wipes, absorbent, strong, and solvent-resistant.

Alternative to Wypall X70 Wipes and X60 Wipes

Selling Format

List Price Packaging: Single Box | 130 Wipes | 42cm x 23cm
Discount Structure: 10+ Boxes | 30+ Boxes | 50+ Boxes
Specifications: 130 Wipes per Box | 10 Boxes Per Carton
Wipe Size: 42cm x 23cm

Key Features and Benefits

Super Absorbent and Strong: Exceptional absorption capability and superior strength.
Solvent Resistant: Resists damage from solvents.
Highly Absorbent: Absorbs grease, fats, oils, solvents, chemicals, and lubricants effectively.
Screen Friendly: Excellent for cleaning screens, glass, and metal surfaces.
Chemical Friendly: Compatible with various cleaning chemicals, including solvents and screen wash.
Tear-Resistant: Resistant to tearing for durability.
Hygienic: Maintains cleanliness and hygiene.
Portable: Conveniently portable for on-the-go use.
Cost-Saving Alternative: Economical alternative to Caterpillar White Shop Towels and Wypall X70 dispenser boxes.
Industrial: Aged Care | Automotive | Hospitality | Healthcare | Industrial | Medical | Manufacturing | Pharmaceutical | Powder Coating | Printing | Transport

Industrial Rhino Wipes in Dispenser Box

The Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box are multipurpose disposable white cleaning wipes that come in a pull out dispenser box. A popular and cost-effective alternative to Caterpillar White Shop Towels and Wypall X70.

Experience the perfect balance between quality and savings with the Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box. Designed to provide you with premium wipes, this convenient dispenser box ensures that you never compromise on quality. 

Whether you need them for industrial use, automotive cleaning, in healthcare facilities, or with Prepsol when cleaning powder-coating metal surfaces, these wipes have got you covered. Their unique lint-free feature allows you to bid adieu to lint and stray fibres. With industrial tear strength, they won’t break easily, making them ideal for use with solvents, paints, cleaning chemicals, oils, and lubricants. Plus, their high absorbency of liquids, grease, grime, dirt and oils allows them to tackle spills that go beyond their weight. Use wet or dry.

When it comes to hygiene needs, our disposable wipes are a reliable choice. Ultimately disposable, you will still get a few uses out of each of these thick, durable wipes. They are not only exceptionally robust and highly absorbent, but they also have solvent resistance.

Convenience is key with the portable Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box. These wipes are convenient and suitable for on-the-go use whenever needed. You won’t have to worry about running out of wipes or carrying around heavy cleaning products.

You’ll find the Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box used in various industries such as industrial, automotive, healthcare, medical, hospitality, aerospace, engineering, printing, and painting businesses. Their remarkable quality and dependability have made them a mainstay in these sectors.

Maintaining efficiency and cleanliness should not be compromised. See the difference in your daily duties when you select the Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box for all your cleaning needs.


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