Printhead Cleaning Swabs | Double Headed | 100 pcs


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Double Headed Foam Swabs: Precise, lint free cleaning of print heads, electronics, and more.

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Specifications: 100 Swabs Per Pack | 10 Packs Per Carton
Swab Size: 12.5cm x 1.3cm

Key Features and Benefits

Double-Headed Swab: Specifically designed for cleaning sensitive and delicate equipment and components.
Solvent and Chemical Absorption: Absorbs solvents and chemicals effectively.
Low Particulate Levels: Low in particulates, ensuring a clean application.
Soft and Non-Abrasive: Features soft and non-abrasive foam heads for gentle cleaning.
Versatile Use: Printers use them to clean printheads, and other industries use them to apply liquids, chemicals, adhesives, and lubricants.
Industries: Electronics | Printing 

Printhead Cleaning Swabs

The TIDDOX Printhead Cleaning Swabs are perfect for precision cleaning of sensitive equipment and parts. With two large, thick foam heads on each end of a handle, these double-headed swabs are designed to tackle debris, dust, dirt, and ink build-up with ease.

The Printhead Cleaning Swabs effectively absorb solvents and chemicals and also ensure a low particulate count, minimising the risk of contamination or lint residue during use. The soft and non-abrasive foam heads provide gentle yet thorough cleaning, making them ideal for delicate surfaces such as printheads, PCB boards, and other equipment.

These swabs can be used to apply liquids, chemicals, adhesives, and lubricants to surfaces and hard-to-reach recesses with precision and accuracy.

Measuring 12.5cm in length, including foam heads of 1.3cm in width, these lint-free swabs are specially designed to ensure optimal cleaning without scratching delicate equipment parts. Plus, they’re anti static to further enhance their usability.

Experience the dependability and proficiency of TIDDOX Printhead Cleaning Swabs. With their industry-leading performance and versatility, they are trusted by professionals across various printing sectors.


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