Cleanroom Polyester Lint Free Wipes | Sterile | 2 Ply


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Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes: Double-layered for heavy-duty use, ensuring ISO 4–ISO 7 cleanroom compliance

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List Price: Per Single Pack
Discount Structure: 10+ Packs | 30+ Packs | 60+ Packs
Specifications: 2-Ply | Sterile | 50 Wipes Per pack | 10 Packs Per carton
Wipe Size: 30 cm x 30 cm

Key Features and Benefits

Sterilised: Gamma irradiation sterilisation dose 25 -50 kGy.
Certificate of Irradiation: Each batch comes with a Certificate of Sterility.
Material: Double-layered bonded polyester knit.
Design: Quilted pattern, apertures for dirt pickup.
Low Lint and Textured: Minimal particle or fibre release and thick, soft, tear-resistant.
Cleanroom Suitable: Washed, sterilised, triple-bagged, vacuum-packed.
Chemical Compatibility: Works with IPA, bleaches, disinfectants.
Versatility: Heavy-duty wiping, scrubbing, spill control.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Dairy | Food Production | Healthcare | Laboratories | Medical | Pharmaceutical | Sterile Manufacturing

Cleanroom Polyester Lint Free Wipes

Introducing the Cleanroom Polyester Lint Free Wipes! These sterile wipes are specially designed for use in strict control areas where cleanliness is paramount. With their double-layered fabric and intensive gamma ray irradiation, these wipes offer superior sterility.

These sterile lint free cleanroom wipes are not impregnated with cleaning agents and are designed to minimise lint or particle shedding. They are laser cut, so no frayed edges. They have a 2-ply quilted design which enhances absorbency and is good for residue pick-up. Furthermore, they are tough, tear resistant and solvent resistant, and don’t leach when used with ethanol and other solvents.

The dual layers not only enhance liquid absorption but also make these wipes perfect for soaking up spills, including chemicals, alcohols, and solvents. Their heavy weight ensures durability, while their soft texture prevents any surface scratching. These wipes are made for heavy-duty cleanroom duties. 

The quilted pattern and fabric holes effectively capture dirt particles, ensuring a thorough clean. Additionally, the laser-cut edges add to their overall quality and precision.

After undergoing rigorous gamma ray sterilisation, these wipes achieve an impressive terility assurance level of 10−6 (SAL6). Each batch comes with a certificate of sterility, and a round red sticker on each pack serves as visual confirmation of the sterilisation process.

To maintain their pristine condition, these wipes are vacuum packed and triple bagged. The result is a top-quality product that meets the stringent requirements of ISO 4 – ISO 7 cleanroom environments or Class 100 standards.


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