Rhino Wipes Cleaning Roll | Carton of 4 | 22.5cm x 38cm


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Rhino White Cleaning Roll: Highly absorbent, tough, low-lint; ideal for precision cleaning and versatile spills.

Wall Dispensers Available:  SKU: 2-99925

Selling Format

List Price Packaging: 1 Carton of 4 Rolls 
Discount Structure: 5+ Cartons | 10+ Cartons | 20+ Cartons
Specifications: 220 Wipes per Roll | 220 Wipes per roll | 880 Wipes per Carton
Wipe Size: 22.5cm x 38cm

Key Features and Benefits

High Absorbency: Effectively absorbs grease, oil, and kerosene.
Blend Strength: Optimal strength and absorbency with polypropylene cellulose blend.
Versatile Usage: Absorbs solvents, chemicals, and is tear-off disposable for convenience.
Economical Roll: Cost-effective with 220 wipes per roll.
Lint-Free: Ultra low-lint design, ideal for dust-sensitive equipment.
Industries: Automotive | Aviation | Engineering | Gyms | Healthcare | Hospitality | Industrial | Pharmaceutical | Powder Coating | Sign-Writing.

White Rhino Wipes Cleaning Roll

The Rhino Wipes Cleaning Roll is a true powerhouse of toughness and absorbency. With 4 Rhino Wipes rolls and 220 wipes per roll, this industrial-grade solution is a must-have for businesses in various sectors. These lint-free wipes outperform in every field they touch, from aviation to medical, industrial to hospitality.

These wipes, made from a polypropylene cellulose blend, provide the ideal balance of strength and absorbency. They absorb solvents, chemicals, grease, oil and even paraffin with ease. These low-lint wipes are ideal for cleaning lint and dust-sensitive equipment parts, ensuring a thorough and faultless clean. Unlike lower quality wipes that lint, these wipes are strong and do no not lint. 

The White Rhino Wipes Cleaning Roll is extremely strong and durable. These wipes are as tough as a charging rhino, made of a strong polypropylene substance. They are strong enough to survive heavy use without tearing or falling apart. With a simple tear-off perforation, you can easily grab a wipe whenever you need it. 

But it’s not only about strength; these wipes are also extremely absorbent. They easily absorb water, oils, and solvents because of their high content of wood pulp. There’s no need to be concerned about them deteriorating when exposed to chemicals. Great heavy duty general purpose wipes for cleaning equipment, machinery, glass and metal surfaces and hands in the workplace.

The smooth and non-abrasive feel of these wipes is a distinguishing feature. This makes them ideal for surface preparation activities because they leave no lint or fluff behind. Say goodbye to unattractive residue on your surfaces after cleaning.

When it comes to premium quality and reliability, the Rhino Wipes Cleaning Roll leads the charge. Stock up on this essential cleaning companion and experience the power of a rhino in your hands.


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22.5cm x 38cm

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