SuperMAX Shammy Cloth | 10 per pack | 50cm x 60cm

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SuperMAX Shammy Cloth – an ultra-absorbent, soft, scratch-free washing and drying cloth. Great alternative to the Miracle Shammy.

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List Price: Per Single Pack
Specifications: 10 Cloths Per Pack
Cloth Size: 50cm x 60cm

Key Features and Benefits

Highly Absorbent Viscose Material: Soaks up many times its weight, providing quick and effective drying.
Quick-Drying: Perfect for cars, boats, jet skis, and handling floor spills with ease.
Soft and Extra-Large Wash Cloth: Gentle on surfaces, perfect for scratch-free cleaning.
Economical, Rinsable and Reusable: Cost-effective option that can be reused multiple times.
Industries: Automotive | Marine | Transportation | Detailing | Car Yards

Car Wash Cloth

The SuperMAX Shammy Cloth, the ultimate car care essential that outperforms traditional chamois towels. This soft and extra-large wash cloth is crafted from highly absorbent viscose material, making it a powerhouse when it comes to soaking up liquids. With its incredible absorbency, it can hold many times its own weight in liquid without dripping.

Say goodbye to tedious drying processes, as the SuperMAX Shammy Cloth effortlessly and quickly dries large surface areas on cars, boats, jet skis, and more. Its thick and absorbent composition allows for a swift drying solution like no other. Rest assured, this cloth is designed to be gentle and won’t scratch any automotive surfaces.

These economical wipes can be rinsed and reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective choice. Simply wring out the absorbed liquid, and it’s ready for another round of use. 

Alternatively, you can divide the towel into smaller sections to create convenient wipes that employees can easily store in their pockets for car detailing purposes.

Experience unrivalled absorption power with the SuperMAX Shammy Cloth. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to microfiber or chamois again. It’s time to elevate your car cleaning routine with this exceptional product.


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