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SuperMAX | Liquid Absorbent Pads | 200 pcs | 50cm x 60cm


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SuperMAX Absorbent Floor Pads: Cost-effective, rapid liquid absorption for clean, safe workspaces.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Carton
Discount Structure: 3+ Cartons | 5 + Cartons | 10 + Cartons
Specifications: 200 Pads Per Carton
Wipe Size: 50cm x 60cm

Key Features and Benefits

Industrial Absorbency: Economical solution for workshops.
Highly Absorbent: Absorbs multiple times its own weight like a sponge.
Heavy-Weight: Thick soft textured rayon fabric.
High-Usage Efficiency: Ideal for intensive usage and disposal.
Industries: Automotive | Aged Care | Healthcare | Mechanical | Transportation | Workshops

SuperMAX Liquid Absorbent Pads

The SuperMAX Liquid Absorbent Pads are an effective solution for workplace spills and messes, whether in an aged care home or in automotive and mechanical workshops. These large absorbent pads are designed to quickly absorb liquids, including oil-based spills. 

With their thick, heavy-weight viscose material, these pads can absorb multiple times their own weight, allowing for an efficient and reliable cleanup. Say goodbye to hazardous spills and hello to an easy disposable solution.

Used extensively in workshops and by transport businesses to soak up industrial spills. But also popular in aged care residential facilities where they are used as bath or shower floor pads. Even as a urine-soaking pad for humans and pets alike.

These pads offer significant cost savings compared to white oil-only absorbent pads. Their high concentrations of viscose swiftly soak up fluids commonly found in automotive and industrial areas, including oil, grease, fuel, antifreeze, chemicals, and solvents.

Transport businesses rely on these pads to prevent spills from spreading and causing accidents. Placing the liquid absorbent pads under vehicles, trucks, or buses ensures that any leaks or drips are instantly absorbed, keeping the workshop floor clean and safe.

When you’re done with the pads, simply dispose of them as hazardous waste to maintain a clean and environmentally friendly workspace. Trust in the strength, durability, and tear-resistance of these pads for all your high usage and disposal tasks.

The SuperMAX Liquid Absorbent Pads offer a reliable and cost-effective solution to spills in the home, workplace and workshop. Keep your workspace clean and your operations running smoothly with these industry-leading absorbent pads.


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