Lint Free Microfibre Cloth | 10 pack | 40cm x 40cm


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Lint Free Microfibre Cloths: Distinctive fish scale pattern for superior dirt, dust, and grime removal.

Selling Format

List Price: Single Pack of 10 Cloths | 40cm x 40cm
Discount Structure: 5+ Packs | 10+ Packs | 20+ Packs
Specifications: 10 Cloths Per pack
Cloth size: 40cm x 40cm
Colour Options: Blue | Grey

Key Features and Benefits

Lint-Free: Provides a streak-free finish.
Non-Abrasive: Cloths with a fish scale diamond pattern for effective dirt removal.
Premium Quality: Fish scale diamond pattern, 300 GSM.
Versatile: Glass, mirrors, screens, plastic, metal, and stainless steel surfaces.
Industries: Automotive | Commercial Cleaning | Dental | Food Production | Healthcare | Hospitality | Industrial | Medical

Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

The TIDDOX Lint Free Microfibre Cloth is designed to leave your surfaces impeccably clean. Sporting a distinctive fish scale pattern, these cloths effortlessly lift away dirt, dust, and grime, offering superior cleaning capabilities compared to ordinary microfibre cloths.

Made from premium microfibre material, these cloths are celebrated for their lint-free and smudge-proof cleaning capabilities. Whether it’s glass, screens, lenses or stainless-steel surfaces that need attention, these cloths deliver a flawless finish every time. They’re also ideal for wiping down counters and tables or drying cutlery and glasses in kitchens and restaurants. The versatility of the Lint Free Microfibre Cloth makes them an indispensable addition to any cleaning arsenal.

With an impressive thickness of 300 gsm and large size, they’re not just perfect for polishing but also exceptional at absorbing spills and other messes. Regardless of whether they’re used with or without cleaning chemicals, wet or dry, these cloths always yield the best results. These soft and non-abrasive cloths use their fish scale diamond pattern to lift dirt off tables and counter surfaces.

The TIDDOX Lint Free Microfibre Cloth sets itself apart not only with its superior performance but also its durability. These cloths are tough and can withstand numerous wash cycles without a loss in effectiveness. Their reusable and long-lasting qualities make them a cost-effective solution for all your cleaning requirements.

In essence, the Lint Free Microfibre Cloth offers professional-grade cleaning power combined with practical design features that make your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.


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40cm x 40cm

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