White ProPrep Wipes | 150 pcs per box | 43cm x 35cm


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ProPrep Wipes: Clean machinery, remove grease, and absorb chemicals—an economical alternative to Kimtech Prep EPIC.

Also Available in Blue  | SKU: 5-35022

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Box
Discount Structure: 4+ Boxes |  20+ Boxes | 40+ Boxes
Specifications: 150 Wipes per Box
Wipe Size: 43cm x 35cm
Also Available in Blue: See Blue ProPrep Wipes

Key Features and Benefits

Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Useful for tackling tough cleaning tasks, and absorbing oil, grease, ink, and chemicals effectively.
Film Work: Used for window tinting, new car protection and paint protection film work
Gentle on Surfaces: Non-abrasive and textured surface.
Durable and Economical: Thick, tear-resistant design.
Portable Dispensing: Convenient, on-the-go access with compact and portable dispenser boxes.
Alternative to Kimtech: A popular alternative to Kimtech EPIC 4157 brag box wipes.
Industries:  Aerospace | Automotive | Engineering | Hospitality | Industrial | Painting |Pharmaceutical | Printing

White Polypropylene Wipes 

White ProPrep Wipes are an effective solution for heavy-duty cleaning, surface preparation and oil absorption. These wipes are not your ordinary paper towels or wipes; they are specifically designed to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks with ease.

These wipes are highly absorbent, making them perfect for surface preparation and cleaning lint-sensitive surfaces. Whether you need to prepare a surface before applying window tint film, or car protective film, or wipe away oil, grease, ink, or chemicals, these wipes have got you covered. Great for cleaning oil and grease off engines and other workshop tasks.

Ideal for a range of industries, including automotive, painting, pharma, medical, hospitality and more, these wipes are trusted by professionals for their exceptional performance. The applications vary significantly, from cleanrooms and critical areas for spill control to soaking up fat and oils in kitchens.

With a textured surface and non-abrasive nature, they are gentle on scratch-sensitive surfaces while effectively removing dirt and grime. The thick and durable material ensures their longevity and reliability.

White ProPrep Wipes are the go-to choice for professionals who demand excellent performance.


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43cm x 35cm

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