Cleaning Cloths

Restaurant Disposable Cleaning Cloths

Server cleaning table with white cloth, holding tray of dishes

To prevent food poisoning, use restaurant disposable cleaning cloths. Besides the cost savings, they offer a hygienic way to dispose of germs. At the same time, reusable cloths hold onto and spread harmful bacteria. As such, restaurants should banish their dirty dishcloths and use disposable wipes. Also, staff may not disinfect reusable cloths. Hence germ spread increases. In fact, this risk increases when cleaning down tables or kitchen surfaces. For example, wiping down areas where raw meat and poultry have been prepared. Firstly, the cloths collect potentially dangerous bacteria. Next, the bacteria spread to the hands of staff, surface areas and equipment. Also, bacteria collect in reusable cloths, which can cause food poisoning. Hence, better to switch to disposable wipes to cut these risks.


Because reusable cloths collect germs, disinfect them regularly. For example, disinfect cloths in bleach. But, make sure that no food remains in the cloths as bacteria will grow. Furthermore, wet dishcloths breed bacteria, so keep them dry. And replace them regularly. Also, colour code your reusable cleaning cloths. Why? Because colour coding allocates a cloth to a particular area or task. As such, this helps prevent cloth been used in the wrong area. If this happens, it spreads germs and bacteria. So, allocate green cloths to kitchen areas and blue cloths to the front-of-house tasks. For instance, MAXI WIPES come in green, red, blue and yellow for this hygiene standard. And to support a clean kitchen, use separate cloths for cooked and raw food. Hence, applying these tips will help maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.

Clear packaging showcasing four stacks of assorted colours, neatly arranged on a plain background.


Despite the need to colour code cloths, it matters less if they are single-use. In fact, the bacteria on the cloth gets thrown away once thrown away!

The cost of disposable wipes compares favourably to reusable cloths. Particularly if you factor in the costs of laundering. And disposable wipes represent the safer hygienic option. However, a mix of reusable cloths and disposable wipes also works. Provided that the disposable wipes get used in the higher germ-risk areas.

4 Vertical TIDDOX Rolls Of Wipes

TIDDOX supplies a range of restaurant disposable cleaning cloths. For instance, the PREMIUM DISPOSABLE WIPES ON A ROLL. And they contain an anti-bacterial agent, which slows bacteria growth. In addition, our disposable wipes are designed for general-purpose surface cleaning. As a result, we make them strong, durable and absorbent!

For high-usage kitchen areas, try the TIDDOX CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. It has 600 tear-off disposable wipes and fits the TIDDOX floor dispenser stand.