AmbiWipes | Ultra Low Lint Wipes | 23cm x 23cm


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AmbiWipes: Polycellulose nonwoven wipes for various industries, providing a highly absorbent, non-linting solution for tasks.

Also available: AmbiWipes Roll : 6-50015-PR 

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List Price: Per Single Pack of 300 Wipes
Discount Structure: 10+ Packs | 30+ Packs | 60+ Packs
Specifications: 300 wipes Per Pack | 10 Packs Per Carton
Wipe Size: 23cm x 23cm

Key Features and Benefits

Material: Soft, non-abrasive, polyester cellulose fibres provide robust heavyweight strength for ultra low lint cleaning.
Highly Absorbent: Superior absorbency for soaking up spills.
Chemical Resistant: Works well with ethanol, chemicals and solvents to wipe workspaces and equipment.
Secured Packaging: Vacuum-packed and double-bagged.
Cleanliness: Washed in deionised water to minimise any impurities or lint.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Engineering | Glass | Healthcare | Industrial | Laboratories | Medical | Pharmaceutical

Low Lint Dry Wipes

AMBIWIPES are ultra low lint wipes that are used in applications across industries from medical and healthcare to industrial and engineering. Made from a hydroentangled nonwoven mix of polyester and cellulose, these low linting dry wipes offer unmatched quality. Multipurpose polycellulose wipes for wiping, cleaning and drying delicate and sensitive surfaces, equipment and instruments in cleanrooms, labs, pharma, printing and electronic facilities.

The wood pulp cellulose component makes these wipes highly absorbent, making them perfect for liquid spills and cleaning solvents, including alcohol and IPA. Whether you’re tackling everyday messes or handling chemicals, these wipes have got you covered. They are ideal for cleaning surfaces and spills, everywhere from electronic cleanrooms to wiping down CNC machines in workshops. 

Ultra Low Lint AmbiWipes are also used by engineering workshops to clean away excess glue, epoxies and adhesives without leaving lint or debris. The strength of the AmbiWipes makes them well suited to the task as they don’t tear and leave tissue fragments behind, so can be used quite vigorously to clean away non-bonding surfaces.

Similarly, when soaked with isopropyl alcohol, the wipes are great at cleaning mechanical components with solvents, as they won’t break down and leave fibres behind in the process.

Other applications include cleaning medical devices and components, cleaning glass surfaces, wiping down surfaces and absorbing spills in laboratories. They are used to dry lint-sensitive equipment and instruments, such as endoscopes, optical lenses and other delicate surfaces.

These Ultra Low Lint Wipes are versatile and effective, making them suited for a variety of sectors. Because of their softness and minimal lint content, they are very popular in cleanrooms. From general wiping to spill control, these wipes have got you covered. With AMBIWIPES you’ll get to experience the benefits of ultra low lint dry wipes today.


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23cm x 23cm

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