PolySilk No Lint Cloth | 100 pcs | 23cm x 23cm


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PolySilk No Lint Cloths: Heavy-weight, lint-free microfiber cloths with a silky soft texture for precise, scratch-free cleaning.

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List Price: Per Single Pack
Discount Structure: 10+  Packs | 30+ Packs | 50+ Packs
Specifications: 100 Wipes per Pack | 10 Packs per Carton
Wipe Size: 23cm x 23cm

Key Features and Benefits

Lint Free: Minimal particle and fibre generation.
Micro Silk Material: Soft micro silk cloths are designed for gentle and delicate cleaning.
Highly Absorbent: Very good absorbency of oil, water, solvents and disinfectants.
Precision Cleaning and Polishing: Soft, non-abrasive texture perfect for polishing surfaces, equipment, and instruments.
Cleanroom confidence: Laundered in Class 5, double-bagged, suitable for ISO 4-8 environments.
Industries: Automotive | Aerospace | Aviation | Electronics | Food Production | Medical | Microelectronics | Pharmaceutical

PolySilk No Lint Wipes

When it comes to delicate cleaning and polishing, you need a cloth that is up to the task. Look no further than TIDDOX PolySilk No Lint Cloths. These heavy weight, lint free microfibre cloths are designed to be super absorbent and maintain their integrity without shedding lint particles. Their silky soft texture makes them perfect for cleaning sensitive surfaces without causing any scratches or abrasions.

Tough cleaning tasks are made easy with PolySilk No Lint Cloths. Professionals rely on these high strength knitted microfibre wipes for polishing surfaces, cleaning tools and equipment, and removing adhesives. Not only do they polish and buff with precision, but they are also lint free, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

The construction of these micro silk wipes allows them to trap surface dirt while preventing the release of lint. The laser-cut sealed edges further reduce the risk of any residue. Whether you’re cleaning optic lenses, glass, discs, or polishing instruments and equipment parts, these soft and silky wipes are the perfect choice.

Suitable for use in ISO 4 (Class 100) cleanrooms and above, these PolySilk Cloths offer a professional wiping solution that won’t disappoint. Their rigorous manufacturing process includes multiple launderings to remove excess particles and ions, laser cutting of edges to minimise loose fibres, and a tight knitted construct that ensures strength and durability.

Invest in these premium quality cloths for your delicate cleaning needs. Perfect for commercial use in a variety of industries, from aviation, food production to industrial and microelectronics. Choose TIDDOX PolySilk No Lint Cloths for a flawless clean every time.


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