Lint Free Wipes

What Are Lint Free Wipes?

what are lint free wipes

Generally speaking, people don’t spend too much time thinking about which are the best lint free wipes for cleaning instruments, and wiping sensitive parts and equipment. After all, it’s just a means to an end – materials to clean and protect surfaces. 

Unknown to many, low linting wipes form a crucial part of various industries because they remove debris and contaminants without dropping residue or fibres. Lint free materials, in particular, have long been invaluable to organisations working with delicate surfaces and sensitive equipment. Companies that can’t do without lint free cloths, include those in the pharmaceutical, medical, aviation, automotive, electronics, industrial, and food sectors.

What Are the Key Benefits of Lint Free Wipes? 

Lint free cloths cannot be compared to traditional cleaning cloths because they: 

  • Prevent surface damage: When a cloth or wipe leaves behind lint particles, it can damage sensitive surfaces such as laptop screens, prescription lenses, and car paint. Low linting wipes all but obliterate this risk, leaving surfaces clean and scratch-free. 
  • Enhance and prolong cleanliness: These wipes that are free from fibre trap and removes dirt and other particles, leaving surfaces cleaner for longer. This makes them especially useful in laboratories, medical facilities, and cleanrooms. 
  • Absorb faster: Lint free wipes, made from highly absorbent materials, easily soak up spills, oils, and solvents including isopropyl alcohol and acetone. This benefit makes these wipes very useful in industrial, aviation, medical and automotive settings. 
  • Last longer: Lint free wipes can clean several surfaces without replacing them too often. 
  • Don’t contaminate surfaces: The most notable difference between traditional wipes and fibre free versions is that traditional wipes often shed fibres during use. When this happens, the fibres contaminate surfaces, minimising the cleaning effect.

What Are the Best Lint Free Wipes and Their Ideal Applications?

Deciding on a lint free wipe depends on your target application. The following come highly recommended: 

Microfibre Wipes

Microfibre is a great choice for lint free wipes because it is non-abrasive and has excellent absorption quality. These microfibre extremely soft wipes capture dirt and dust and don’t leave smudges or streaks behind. These wipes are perfect for general cleaning and for cleaning glasses, TV and computer screens, as well as other delicate surfaces and won’t leave lint behind. Microfibre cloths work well dry or when dampened with water and a mild cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol.

Polyester Wipes

Polyester is a strong material that doesn’t easily tear or stretch. When used in lint free wipes, polyester can withstand rigorous cleaning. Polyester wipes are ideal for cleaning medical devices, machinery, industrial and automotive components, print equipment and surfaces that must not be contaminated with lint. Even better, polyester wipes don’t lose their integrity when used with harsh cleaning agents. 

Nonwoven Wipes 

Nonwoven lint free wipes consist of synthetic, bonded fibres. These wipes are strong and absorbent, come in several sizes, and clean surfaces effectively and economically. Common applications include automotive detailing, medical equipment cleaning and drying of instruments and optical and precision instruments as well as general lint sensitive tasks. They offer a low-lint performance, often at a fraction of the cost of other lint free wipes. 

Foam Swabs

To effectively clean hard to reach sensitive surfaces, foam swabs can be used to apply a cleaning solution and they don’t leave lint or streaks behind. Foam swabs are often used to clean electronic pcbs, printheads and optic lenses. 

Pre-Saturated Wipes

Speaking of easy cleaning solutions, dedicated pre-saturated wipes come pre-moistened with a gentle cleaner, making them perfect for quick cleaning. The industries that benefit most from pre-saturated lint free wipes include food service, healthcare, and electronics. These wipes generally come in microfibre, polyester, and nonwoven options. 

How to Use Lint Free Wipes Effectively

Lint free wipes are extremely soft wipes that work best when, like any product, their application suits their features. To make the most of the benefits that they offer, follow these tips: 

  • Choose the correct lint free wipe: Specific wipes are specifically suited to different surfaces, so you should select the one that will perform the best on each. 
  • Don’t press down too hard when cleaning: Don’t use these wipes for scrubbing. Instead, apply gentle pressure to prevent surface damage. Excessive force while cleaning can leave behind noticeable scratches and hard-to-remove streaks.
  • Read the instructions: Some low linting wipes can be used with cleaning solutions, while others only require water. Always follow the instructions to achieve optimal results.
  • Dispose of wipes properly: Single-use wipes should be disposed of responsibly to minimise the environmental impact. 

Key Takeaway

Cleaning is a crucial part of equipment maintenance, and ensuring a hygienic and germ-free environment. It also extends the life of appliances, machinery equipment, vehicles, and more. However, when it comes to cleaning certain items that you don’t want to contaminate with fibres, it’s best to use lint free extremely soft wipes because they are designed for such purposes. 


Q: Can I use lint free wipes to clean my paintings or collectables? 

A: Yes, microfibre and polyester wipes offer gentle and effective cleaning without the risk of damage to valuable items such as paintings and collectables. 

Q: Can lint free wipes be reused?

A: It depends on the type of wipe. Single-use lint wipes must be discarded after one use, while others are machine-washable and reusable. The best way to be sure whether a wipe is free of fibres is to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Q: Where can I buy high-quality lint free wipes?

A: Cleaning supply retailers and industrial suppliers generally stock wipes that are fibre free. TIDDOX, for instance, has a full range of great quality lint free wipes to choose from.

Unleash the power of cleanliness with our lint free wipes – the perfect solution for a streak-free, spotless finish every time.

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