Polyester Cellulose Sterile Wipes | 23cm x 23cm


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Polyester Cellulose Wipes: Sterile, ISO compliant, high-absorbency, ultra low-lint cleaning for critical environments.

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List Price: Per Single Pack
Discount Structure: 10+ Packs | 30+ Packs | 60+ Packs 
Specifications: 200 Wipes per Pack | 10 Packs per Carton
Wipe Size: 23 cm x 23 cm | 30cm x 30cm [contact us to order]

Key Features and Benefits

Sterilisation: Sterilised by gamma irradiation 25-50 kGy to ensure cleanliness.
Certificate of Irradiation: Available with each batch outlining the sterility details.
Non-Scratch Texture: Smooth texture for non-scratch cleaning.
Absorbent and Durable: Very absorbent, durable, and non-scratch wipes.
Low Contaminant Levels: Low extractable ion levels and particle counts.
Chemical Compatibility: Compatible with chemicals, cleaning solvents, and disinfectants.
Ultra-Low Linting: Minimises lint for lint sensitive cleaning tasks.
Industries: Cleanrooms | Food Production | Healthcare | Laboratories | Medical | Pharma Compounding | Sterile Manufacturing

Sterile Polyester Cellulose Nonwoven Wipes 

The TIDDOX Polyester Cellulose Sterile Wipes are sterile wipes that boast quality and efficiency, ensuring a pure and sterile environment for cleanrooms, critical areas and industries.

Manufactured using advanced hydroentangled technology, these sterile wipes combine fine cellulose with polyester fabric, resulting in a smooth textured wipe that is ideal for general-purpose cleanroom cleaning tasks. These wipes undergo gamma irradiation, reducing contamination to the bare minimum. You can trust the purity and cleanliness of these wipes, as they adhere to international standards ISO 11137:2013 (sterilised by Cobalt-60 gamma irradiation to a sterility assurance level of 10−6). Ideal for contamination sensitive cleaning and sterile manufacturing.

With their high absorbency and chemical resistance, these wipes effortlessly eliminate spills, dust, and other harmful substances. The low linting feature ensures a pristine surface without any unwanted fibres left behind. As such, they are used to clean equipment and surfaces in laboratories and cleanrooms. Also ideal for cleaning and drying instruments, parts, equipment, monitors and other surfaces.

Not only do these Polyester Cellulose Sterile Wipes offer exceptional quality, but they also provide cost-effective convenience. Their disposable nature allows for easy use and disposal, ensuring a hygienic cleaning process every time. Whether you’re working in a lab, cleanroom, or healthcare facility, these wipes are your go-to solution.

Choose these Sterile Polyester Cellulose Wipes for superior contamination control. With their high levels of cleanliness, heat and solvent resistance, and durability, you can confidently rely on them for all your cleaning needs.


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23cm x 23cm , 30cm x 30cm

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