Heavy Duty Wipes | 90 pcs per roll | 50cm x 30cm


Quantity Discount Price (excl. GST)
8-19 5% $18.53
20-39 10% $17.55
40+ 15% $16.58
Quantity Discount Price (excl. GST)
8-19 5% $18.53
20-39 10% $17.55
40+ 15% $16.58
Quantity Discount Price (excl. GST)
8-19 5% $18.53
20-39 10% $17.55
40+ 15% $16.58
SKU: 1-50021-PR

TIDDOX Premium Heavy Duty Rolls are quality manufactured rolls designed to be extra thick and absorbent.

Wall Dispensers Available:  | SKU: 2-99915

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Roll
Discount Structure: 8+ Rolls | 20+ Rolls | 40+ Rolls
Specifications: 90 Wipes per Roll | 45m Roll
Wipe Size: 50cm x 30cm
Colour Options: Green | Blue | Red

Key Features and Benefits

Absorbent: Heavy weight and high viscosity for superior absorption.
Hygienic: Treated with antibacterial agents for prolonged use, inhibiting bacteria growth.
Perforated: Easy tearing and reduced wastage due to standard sizes.
Heavy-duty: Thick and sturdy rolls designed to be durable and long-lasting.
Industries: Aged Care | Commercial Cleaning | Education | Hospitality | Healthcare | Offices

Heavy Duty Wipes Roll

TIDDOX Heavy Duty Wipes are the ideal answer for all of your cleaning requirements. Say goodbye to flimsy and non-absorbent wipes and hello to the strength of these premium, heavy duty rolls.

These high-quality wipes are designed to tackle even the toughest stains and messes in kitchens, dining areas, aged care facilities, and childcare centres. These wipes clean surfaces around patients, toddlers, and the elderly with ease due to their exceptional absorbency and thick, heavy composition.

The antibacterial coating on these Heavy Duty Wipes prevents bacterial growth on the cloth. This not only extends the life and use of the wipes but also ensures a hygienic cleaning experience.

Each TIDDOX roll is made with high levels of viscose for maximum absorbency. Whether it’s fluids or semi-fluids, these wipes have the capacity to soak up even the most demanding cleaning tasks. And thanks to their sturdy construction, you can trust that they won’t tear or fall apart easily.

With perforations for easy tearing, these heavy-duty wipes can be used multiple times before disposal. Plus, their larger size allows for more fluid absorption compared to standard towels.

Choose from three vibrant colours – green, red, and blue- to easily colour-code your cleaning routine. Whether it’s the kitchen, housekeeping, or bathrooms, you can assign a specific colour for each area.

TIDDOX Heavy Duty Wipes are a great way to add more cleaning power to your arsenal and see the difference in their superior cleaning capabilities.


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1 kg


16 × 16 × 30 cm


Blue , Green , Red


50cm x 30cm

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