LintNIL Non Abrasive Wipes | 150 pcs | 30cm x 30cm


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Non Abrasive Wipes: Achieve lint free cleaning perfection with these soft, generously sized wipes, perfect for delicate tasks.

Selling Format

List Price Packaging: Per Single Pack
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Specifications: 150 Wipes Per Pack | 10 Packs Per Carton
Wipe Size: 30cm x 30cm

Key Features and Benefits

Ultra Low-Lint: Ideal for tasks requiring soft, non-abrasive, and ultra low linting wipes.
Autoclavable: Lint free wipes that are used in GMP facilities and sterile process manufacturing.
Surface Preparation: Lint free surface preparation; a top choice for glass manufacturers, signwriters and signmakers.
Soft and Gentle: Super soft cloths perfect for maternity wards, hospitals, aged care facilities, and personal care.
Versatile Cleaning: Used with alcohol to clean critical surfaces, such as laboratory laminar flow equipment.
Low Ions and Residue: Minimal extractable ions and residues for a pristine, contamination-free environment.
Industries: Aged Care | Cleanrooms | Electronics | Engineering | Glass | Healthcare | Laboratories | Signwriting

Lint-Free Non Abrasive Wipes

The LintNIL Non Abrasive Wipes are your go-to choice for tasks that demand a lint-free touch. Each pack contains 150 pieces of these soft and non abrasive wipes, generously sized at 30cm x 30cm, making them an indispensable part of your cleaning arsenal.

Designed to meet the highest cleaning standards, LintNIL Wipes are perfect for a wide range of applications. Initially designed for the glass industry to clean and polish glass surfaces, their applications have widened considerably. Not only are they used to clean and polish glass surfaces, but also lenses and delicate components. The durable non-abrasive texture of the LintNIL Wipes makes them suited to wiping out pharmaceutical stainless tanks and cleaning laboratory equipment. They have good absorbency and are not too hydrophobic when used with cleaning solutions. These lint free wipes have got you covered. Their exceptional softness and lint free composition make them ideal for tasks that require a gentle touch, including packing fragile items.

Perfect for sterile process manufacturing operations and lint-free vital cleaning in GMP facilities. In cleanrooms and laboratories, these autoclavable wipes are used to clean sinks, cabinets, benchtops, and laminar flow equipment.

You can confidently use the LintNIL Wipes with cleaning agents without worrying about damage or residue. The non-volatile nature of these wipes means that they leave behind no unwanted particles or lint, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

LintNIL Wipes boasts low-ion content, minimising the risk of contamination. Each pack is carefully packaged in a cleanroom environment, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination. When it comes to delicate cleaning jobs or surface preparation tasks, these wipes are the go-to choice for glass manufacturers, GMP facilities, sign writers and electronic firms alike. 

Experience the difference of LintNIL Non Abrasive Wipes today and discover a world of lint-free cleaning perfection. Trust in its softness, durability, and compatibility with solvents to achieve remarkable results every time. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to maintaining a spotless environment.


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30cm x 30cm

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