M3 Cellulose Wipes | 100 pcs | 25cm x 25cm


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TIDDOX M3 Cellulose Wipes: Exceptional absorbency, low-lint, and ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Pack
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Specifications: 100 Wipes Per Pack | 30 packs Per carton
Wipe Size: 25cm x 25cm

Key Features and Benefits

Highly Absorbent: Exhibits high absorbency for effective cleaning.
Material: Environmentally friendly, made from 100% biodegradable cellulose.
Heat-Resistant: Resistant to heat for diverse cleaning applications.
Anti-Static: Exhibits anti-static properties for enhanced cleanliness.
Disposable: Designed for one-time use as disposable wipes.
Low-Lint: Perfect for low-lint wiping tasks.
Cleanroom Compatibility: Suitable for cleanroom environments, including ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8, or Class 100.
Industries: Aviation | Cosmetics | Electronics | Laboratories | Healthcare | Hospitals | Manufacturing | Medical | Pharmaceutical

M3 Cellulose Wipes – Biodegradable 

TIDDOX M3 Cellulose Wipes are very absorbent, pick up dirt, withstand heat and static, are low linting, and are soft and non-abrasive. With 100 pieces per pack and measuring 25cm x 25cm, these wipes are designed specifically for delicate or sensitive surfaces.

What makes these M3 wipes stand out is their remarkable absorbency. Made from 100% plant cellulose filaments, they act like sponges, adept at absorbing liquids for a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Say goodbye to surface dirt particles and pesky lint residue – these wipes effortlessly remove them, leaving surfaces pristine and free from any unwanted debris.

They are used in a variety of industries and their soft, non-abrasive texture, and high absorbency make them suitable for many tasks, including:-

  • cleaning laboratory instruments, benches, trolleys and other surfaces;
  • polishing acrylic surfaces;
  • cleaning 3D printers and wiping down silk screen printers;
  • polishing and cleaning marks and stains off upholstery, leather and wood;
  • cleaning medical instruments and equipment;
  • wiping oils on furniture;
  • cleaning electrical equipment, DVDs, CDs, magnetic tapes, disks, glass lenses and monitors;
  • removing makeup and cleaning nails;
  • cleaning glass surfaces like microscopes, telescope lenses, binoculars, glass windscreens and mirrors; and
  • removing sealants and glue with cleaning chemicals.

The M3 Cellulose Wipes have high purity levels. Without any impure additives or binders, you can trust that these wipes won’t leave any lint behind, making them ideal for germ control. The wide apertures in the wipes further enhance their dirt and particle picking abilities, providing a gauze-like appearance that aids in tackling even the toughest cleaning tasks.

For optimal results, we recommend using these wipes with an alcohol disinfectant. The combination of the wipes’ absorption abilities and the disinfectant’s bacteria-destroying properties ensures a thorough and hygienic clean. Additionally, these wipes are specifically designed for cleanroom low-lint wiping tasks, making them an excellent choice for cleanrooms that require high-quality, non-abrasive wipes.

The M3 Cellulose Wipes are known for their tear resistance and ability to leave no lint behind when exposed to cleaning fluids. Whether you’re working in electronics or medical industries or simply need a low-lint cleanroom wipe, these wipes are the perfect fit.

The TIDDOX M3 Cellulose Wipes, boast impressive performance and reliability. If you’re still unsure, we invite you to request a sample and experience the benefits firsthand.


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