Nu Cloth Paper Towel | Natural Tan DRC Wipes | 33cm x 25cm  


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Nu Cloths feel and absorb like soft cloths, offering a robust alternative to Scott Shop Towels.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Roll
Discount Structure: 5+ Rolls | 10+ Rolls | 20+ Rolls
Specifications: 200 Wipes Per Roll
Wipe Size: 33cm x 25cm

Key Features and Benefits

Absorbent: High absorbency for liquids, solvents, grease, lubricants and more.
Biodegradable, Durable and Strong: Double reinforced for durability and high wet strength.
Non-Abrasive: Soft, gentle and non-abrasive, won’t damage surfaces.
Convenient Dispensing: Tear-off, perforated wipes on a coreless centrefeed roll.
Multipurpose Use: Ideal for personal care, hand towels, and scratch-sensitive polishing.
Industries: Hospitality | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Industrial | Automotive | Commercial | Workshops

Double Reinforced Crepe Wipes

The TIDDOX Nu Cloth Paper Towels are biodegradable, double reinforced creped wipes (DRC wipes). With their cloth-like softness and unbeatable absorbency, these disposable towels outperform traditional cloths at a fraction of the cost.

Say goodbye to abrasive materials that damage surfaces. The non-linting, non-abrasive composition of these wipes ensures a scratch-free cleaning experience. From personal care tasks to delicate polishing of equipment and surfaces, these multipurpose wipes deliver exceptional results.

Thanks to their efficient absorbency capabilities, these cloths are perfect for soaking up liquids of all kinds. Whether it’s water, solvents, grease, lubricants, adhesives, paint, or oil, these wipes excel at absorbing them all. No more wasting time and money on regular cloths or paper towels when you can rely on the thick, highly absorbent Nu cloths.

Durability is not an issue with these reinforced towels. Their double-reinforced creped construction provides strength and wet strength that surpasses regular paper towels. Not to mention, they are an economical alternative to traditional rags and cloths.

Made from recycled cellulose, these biodegradable wipes are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. They are widely used in hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, and automotive workshops.

With tear-off perforated wipes on a coreless centrefeed roll, convenience is at your fingertips. Simply tear off a few wipes as needed and dispose of them after use. Experience the cleanliness and hygiene of NU cloths in your organisation today!

TIDDOX Cloth Paper Towels offers a practical and cost-effective solution that ensures exceptional cleaning results every time.


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1.20 kg


26 × 20 × 20 cm


Natural Tan


33cm x 25cm

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