Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth | 10 pack | 40cm x 40cm

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Glass Cleaning Cloth: Soft, non-abrasive, and lint free for streak-free glass and metal cleaning.

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Pack
Discount Structure: 5+ Packs | 10+ Packs | 20+ Packs
Specifications: 10 Cloths per Pack
Cloth Size: 40cm x 40cm
Colour Options: Blue | Grey

Key Features and Benefits

Lint-Free: Provides a streak-free finish.
Non-Abrasive: Cloths with a fish scale pattern for effective dirt removal.
Versatile: Wiping, drying, dusting, and polishing.
Effective Drying Cloth: Suitable for glassware, dishes, and cutlery.
Premium Quality: Fish scale pattern, 300 GSM.
Industries: Automotive | Commercial Cleaning | Dental | Food Production | Healthcare | Hospitality | Industrial | Medical

Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloth

The TIDDOX Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloths are a must-have for any professional cleaning task. These premium cloths are made from high-quality microfibre, ensuring a lint-free and streak-free cleaning experience.

Designed with the needs of professionals in mind, these cloths are widely used in the automotive, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Their lint free composition makes them ideal for any task that requires a pristine finish. Say goodbye to smears and smudges that often plague regular cleaning cloths.

Featuring a unique fish scale pattern, these cloths effortlessly pick up dirt and grime, leaving surfaces spotless. Their superior drying capabilities make them perfect for use on glass, screens, lenses, windows, and mirrors. With their soft and non-scratching texture, you can trust these cloths to deliver exceptional results without causing any damage.

These microfiber cloths don’t just offer exceptional performance; they also exhibit impressive durability. Engineered to endure demanding usage, they can be washed and utilised multiple times without any compromise in their effectiveness.

These microfibre cloths can be used with a wide range of cleaning chemicals to achieve optimal results. And with multiple colour options available, you can easily implement a colour-coding system to prevent cross-contamination.

Invest in the TIDDOX Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloths today and experience the difference that premium quality makes. With their lint-free performance, durability, and exceptional cleaning capabilities, these cloths are the ultimate choice for professionals who demand nothing but the best.


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40cm x 40cm

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