Jumbo Paper Roll Floor Dispenser | 86cm x 44cm


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Jumbo Roll Floor Dispenser: Portable and durable metal stand for convenient access to disposable wipes in high-usage areas.

Compatible with Classic Jumbo Green RollSKU: 1-30011-JR

Compatible with TIDDOX Jumbo Paper Towel RollSKU: 6-67022-JR

Compatible with Blue Jumbo Rhino RollSKU: 6-X8022-JR

Compatible with BlueMax Jumbo RollSKU: 6-50022-JR

Selling Format

List Price: Per Single Floor Dispenser
Discount Structure: 3+ Dispensers | 5+ Dispensers | 10+ Dispensers
Dimensions: (H) 88cm x (W) 44cm
Also Available: Jumbo Roll Wall Dispensers

Key Features and Benefits

Compatibility: Compatible with Classic Jumbo Green Roll, Jumbo Paper Towel Roll, Jumbo Rhino Roll and BlueMAX Jumbo Roll.
Tear-Off Blade: Equipped with a tear-off blade for easy dispensing.
Compatibility: Compatible with all TIDDOX Jumbo Rolls for versatility.
High Usage Areas: Typically located in high usage areas for convenient and easy access.
Sturdy Metal Construction: Portable, sturdy metal floor stand.
Blade Thickness: Blade thickness of 0.7 mm.
Roll Width Capacity: Holds rolls up to 40 cm wide.
Industries: Automotive | Hospitality | Healthcare | Industrial | Janitorial | Manufacturing

Jumbo Roll Floor Stand Dispenser

The TIDDOX Jumbo Roll Floor Dispenser is a portable floor stand designed to make pulling off wipes a breeze, while also offering the flexibility to move it around as needed. With its sturdy construction and durable metal material, it offers exceptional longevity, making it a cost-effective addition to your purchase order.

Ideal for high-usage areas like workshops, factory floors, and food production areas, the TIDDOX Jumbo Roll Floor Dispenser provides convenient and easy access to wipes. Its tear-off blade allows for quick and effortless tearing, saving you valuable time and effort. With a blade thickness of 0.7 mm and the ability to hold rolls up to 40 cm wide, this dispenser is compatible with all TIDDOX Jumbo Rolls.  If you prefer a fixed wall-mounted option, consider the Wall-Mount Jumbo Roll Dispenser.

With its versatility and superior performance, the Jumbo Paper Roll Floor Dispenser is widely used across different industries. Whether in manufacturing workshops, hospitality establishments, healthcare facilities, or printing rooms, this dispenser ensures quick and easy access to wipes when you need them the most.

Improve your hygiene practices and cost-effectiveness as this sleek dispenser seamlessly integrates into your space, providing easy access to a continuous supply of disposable wipes.


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