Cleaning Wipes

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Wipes

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Mother Earth has started demanding that we recycle and reuse more. Hence the growth in demand for eco-friendly cleaning wipes, rags and cloths. Because environmentally friendly products don’t generate lots of carbon emissions.


By using rags cut from recycled clothing, you reduce landfill waste and emissions. These products get a second life as rags used in automotive, industrial and engineering businesses, to name a few industries.

TIDDOX T-SHIRT RAGS offer super absorbency, making them excellent cleaning rags. In addition, to their strength and durability, they absorb chemicals and do not lint a lot. And they offer cost savings! Hence, ideal for high-usage tasks.

Furthermore, MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS offer greater absorbency than cotton rags. Why? Because cotton rags consist of business shirts, dresses, sheets etc. which offer less absorbency than T-Shirt material. As such, cotton rags have a place as the budget rag of the industry. However, they lint much less, which is ideal for low-lint wiping jobs. But, if you work with solvents, use a WHITE T-SHIRT RAG. Not only will it absorb more, but it will show up ink, paints and dirt easily. However, the price increases because of the scarcity of white T-shirt rags compared to coloured T-shirt rags.

In addition, TIDDOX supplies BAGS OF RAGS in 1.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg bags.

And, our rags offer peace of mind because of metal detecting. As a result, we can identify and eliminate any unwanted metal objects in the clothing. For example, zips or buttons.


Besides rags, TIDDOX has various eco-friendly wipes. We have a range of colour options with the ECOSTRONG BAMBOO WIPES, which have 90 biodegradable sheets on each 45m roll.

4 vertical Rolls of Bamboo Wipes

We also have rolls made of 100% recycled cellulose. For example, our 3-PLY 1000-SHEET JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL which is made from recycled wood pulp fibres. And, with 1000 perforated sheets of cellulose tissue, it makes a cost-effective product suited to one-off disposable wiping tasks.

A jumbo blue roll of wipes

For smaller rolls made from recycled cellulose, we have the RAG ON A ROLL and the double-reinforced crepe wipes called NU-CLOTHS. And in pack format, we have the biodegradable COTTON CELLULOSE WIPES and DELICATE SURFACE WIPES.