Blue Meltblown Degreaser Wipes | 250 pcs per box | 43cm x 35cm


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Blue Meltblown Degreaser Wipes: Industrial-grade nonwoven fabric ensures effective grease removal. 

Also Available in White | SKU: 5-43025-2

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List Price Packaging: Single Box | 250 Wipes
Discount Structure: 4+  Boxes | 20+ Boxes | 40+ Boxes
Specifications: 250 pcs | 4 Boxes Per Carton
Wipe Size: 43cm x 35cm
Also Available in White: See Bottom Of Page For White Meltblown Wipes Products

Key Features and Benefits

Ultra-Durable: These meltblown degreaser wipes are incredibly strong and boast superior absorption capabilities.
Low Lint Construction: Used for delicate cleaning tasks that require minimal lint residue.
Soft and Gentle: Designed to be gentle on surfaces, preventing scratches during use.
Kimtech Alternative: A cost saving substitute for Kimtech Heavy Duty Wipes PREP EPIC (4155) meltblown preparation wipes.
Industries: Automotive | Industrial | Manufacturing | Mining | Printing | Painting

Industrial Degreasing Wipes

The Blue Meltblown Degreaser Wipes, designed specifically for cleanroom usage and packed with 250 wipes, is the essential companion for precision and efficiency in tackling your cleanroom equipment cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Why settle for anything less when it comes to maintaining your cleanroom machinery? These industrial-grade blue wipes are made from 100% thick, oil-absorbing meltblown polypropylene material. They excel at absorbing grease, oil, solvents, and even ink without leaving lint or scratches on cleanroom surfaces. Their soft texture ensures that delicate cleanroom parts and equipment remain unharmed during cleaning.

These wipes work better than paper towels not just in terms of oil absorption and tear resistance, but also because they are low linting. This makes them ideal for cleanroom surface preparation jobs where lint can be a nuisance. Moreover, their non-abrasive rubbery texture ensures that surfaces remain scratch-free.

The Blue Meltblown Degreaser Wipes are easily accessible and portable because of their dispenser packaging. These wipes can be used in your cleanroom environment to clean tools, machinery, and equipment, apply lubricants, and clean hard-to-reach spots.

Experience why TIDDOX Blue Meltblown Degreaser Wipes are the preferred choice for numerous other cleanroom professionals, including printers, painters, spray booth operators, powder coaters, and others. Discover the dependability, efficiency, and cost advantages that come with utilising the best wipes available for cleanroom applications.

White Meltblown Wipes

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