Microfibre Polishing Cloth | 100 pcs | 23cm x 23cm


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Microfibre Polishing Cloths: Scratch-free, highly absorbent, and lint free making them ideal for glass surfaces and sensitive equipment parts.

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List Price: Per Single Pack
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Specifications: 100 Wipes per Pack | 10 Packs per Carton
Cloth Size: 23cm x 23cm

Key Features and Benefits

Highly Absorbent: Effectively soaks up fluids, including oils.
Lint-Free: Leaves no lint behind.
Scratch-Free: Won’t damage surfaces.
Versatile: Suitable for various tasks.
Industries: Aviation | Biotechnology | Cleanrooms | Electronics | Glass | Laboratories | Pharmaceutical | Printing

Microfibre Polish Cloth

The TIDDOX Microfibre Polishing Cloth is made from a soft, non abrasive polyester polyamide microfibre nonwoven material, that is highly absorbent. They have a smooth and soft texture that is gentle on surfaces, ensuring a scratch-free finish. Used to clean sensitive equipment parts in the printing and electronics industries. For example, digital printers use them with cleaning chemicals to wipe ink off gloss printed surfaces. They’re also perfect for cleaning delicate glass surfaces such as gauges, instruments, monitors, scanners, screens, iPads, and iPhones.

The high absorbency of these wipes allows for the effective removal of dirt and contaminants from various surfaces. The TIDDOX Microfibre Polishing Cloth is a popular choice for laboratories looking to clean microscope lenses and glass surfaces. Cleanrooms also use them due to their high quality and exceptional performance. They absorb fluids, including oils, efficiently and leave no lint behind. 

Not only do these cloths excel at cleaning and polishing, but they are also highly versatile, making them ideal for general purpose cleaning tasks. In addition to their impressive cleaning capabilities, these cloths come with several advantages. They are packed with double bags to reduce contamination, ensuring a hygienic cleaning experience. 

The soft and smooth fabric of the wipes ensures a lint-free polishing process, leaving no scratches or damage on surfaces.

With their high absorbency, lint-free composition, and chemical compatibility, these microfibre polishing cloths offer a comprehensive solution for all your delicate and sensitive cleaning needs.


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23cm x 23cm

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